TGA 019 – Guitar Technique Vol. IV Tapping & Legato



Functional technique manual for guitar. Ideal for all those guitarists who they want to learn or improve Tapping and Legato, the visualization on the instrument and the ability to play very wide intervals in a fluid and dynamic way.

The book includes 125 detailed diagrams, 25 preparatory studies and 70 audio exercises that you will they will help to work on the technique, strengthening the muscles and joints of the right hand as well as having greater control over the instrument.

Thanks to the relationship between technique and theory you will be able to have a higher knowledge on the guitar knowing exactly how to enrich your playing with Tapping.

Technique is a necessary and indispensable element for every guitarist and style and represents a different color that can be used in solos to emphasize of the most representative parts, thanks to the sensibility of the musician who uses them.




#1 Best Seller

"La Scala Pentatonica"
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