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Discover how to master the rhythm of Djent and Modern Progressive Metal, while learning its language and how to compose in these styles.

Djent & Prog Rhythm Guitar is a ground-breaking modern metal guitar method that reveals exactly how your favorite musicians turn common riffs into explosive signature Djent & Progressive bone-crushing lines that rip up the guitar neck.

A tight right hand adds firepower to the riffing of many of the world’s greatest guitarists and with Djent & Prog Rhythm Guitar you’ll learn sounds, the most common rhythmic patterns and chord voicings of these styles. Along with all the modern techniques (like selective picking) you need to play signature Djent & Prog licks.

27 studies, 20 Djent exercises and 20 Prog exercises for 6-string guitar, 65 chord diagrams with intervals will guide you deep into these styles, while improving your overall rhythm by understanding sixteenth notes displacements… what’s even better the 7 and 8-string guitar exercises (40 and 40) are not only simple transposition on a lower register of the original 6-string exercises, but a complete re-arrangement to utilize all the possible range of our instruments.

Become a master of all the essential elements required to play and transpose your favorite songs!

The First Method for Djent & Prog Guitar Playing

  • 27 studies with backings ready for download
  • 40 audio exercises for 6-string guitar with backings
  • A full re-arrangement of every exercise for 7 and 8-string guitar (40 and 40) with audio and backings to download
  • Complete technical breakdown of every example, with a careful explanation of the main difficulties and strategies to overcome them.

Most importantly, you’ll discover how to efficiently study these styles and master your rhythm playing all around.



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"La Scala Pentatonica"
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