TGA 024 – Guitar Technique Vol. V Control and Speed


  • Total Guitar Academy
  • Francesco Fareri


  • 2F Studio Design


This fifth volume dedicated to solo technique is not just a collection of exercises but contains a series of detailed descriptions regarding body posture, hand positioning and string muting for greater control over the guitar. The speed of execution represents the last study to be addressed by the guitarist who wants to improve their technique.

Studying technique means having a visualization complete with theory concepts on the instrument, a clean execution and a sound of each technique you decide to use. At the end of this study we move on to the study of speed, maintaining the sound quality on the instrument and control of what you are playing.

This book does not promise to make you reach high speeds but rather aims to show you the optimal way to arrive at what will be “your” execution speed, maintaining primary characteristics such as precision, cleanliness and fluidity. It contains over 70 diagrams and 40 exercises in audio format to download for practice with bases with progressive times to be able to test yourself on a daily basis.




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